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Growing up in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania on a 60 acre farm taught Al Reist the value of planning, preparation, and hard work. He and his family raised a variety of crops and livestock.

As a youth, Al was active in 4-H and enjoyed playing first chair trumpet in marching band.


Al currently plays in the Kiltie Band of York, PA

Al took up wood-working at a young age, and his lifelong love of water fowl can be seen in his hand-carved and hand-painted decoys. After high school, Al worked for the Dorwart Sign Company where he learned the importance of precision and expanded his creativity. Today, he enjoys playing in the Kiltie Band of York in parades and for special events.

Al’s interest in auctioneering stems from time spent with his father attending auctions throughout his childhood. With his father’s help, he learned about antiques and collectibles, and later supplemented that knowledge through visiting museums, study, and apprenticeship.

Al founded Reist Auctioneers in 1981, and began auctioning real estate and and personal property in Delaware and Pennsylvania. Al has almost 40 years of experience auctioneering; and in the 33 years he has owned and operated Reist Auctioneers, he has established a reputation for excellence.

Al’s experience includes selling antiques, autos, fine china, coins/currency, collectibles, large equipment, fine furniture, glassware, guns, jewelry/watches, residential/commercial real estate, plus antique & modern tools.

Al is a humble man who is conscientious and enthusiastic about his client’s needs. His careful and thoughtful preparation and attention to detail have brought spectacular results for his clients for over 40 years.

Call Al today at (717)951-5088 for your free consultation and inspection of your real estate and/or personal property.

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