Upcoming Auctions

Fewer Auctions + Better Service = Superior Auction Experience 
By limiting the number of auctions we conduct to just a few a month, we can provide you the best SERVICE and highest QUALITY auction possible. Because we are not overburdened,  Reist Auctioneers gives you the specialized service and personal attention that you deserve.
Al Reist will personally monitor the quality of your auction.

Our Current Upcoming Auctions:

  SHORT NOTICE ABSOLUTE PUBLIC AUCTION Mr. Jeff Sensenig’s Landscape Services Total Liquidation of Valuable 12 Trucks, 9 Trailers, 2 Autos, and 1 JD Skid Loader, CONTRACTOR & HOMEOWNER EQUIPMENT, LAWN, LANDSCAPE, SNOW REMOVAL, POWER & HAND TOOLS, ONE THOUSAND GALLON FUEL TANKS, AND SCRAP METAL Saturday, March 20, 2021 – 9:00 A.M. Location: REAR …